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Your vehicle deserves the best care possible

At Pottstown Automotive Repair, we are a family-focused local car repair shop. We prioritize our customers’ needs and aim to provide exceptional service. Our team of skilled technicians and mechanics will treat your vehicle as if it were their own, ensuring it receives the care and attention it deserves. Trust us to keep your family safe on the road.

“I’m a customer for life. I trust their work and they want you to be happy because they want you to come back and that’s what this business is built on is trust and it’s repeat customers and you don’t come back if you don’t trust them and you don’t value the quality of their work.” Greg

What Our Customers Are Saying

Andre Goff

Had my car inspection and emissions done recently...The work done to repair it was excellent and done quickly. The price was reasonable and they were very professional. I highly recommend them and will definitely take my car back to them.

Andre Goff
Andre Goff

Friendly owner. Fast Service. Done right. I had 2 tires balanced and mounted. Thank you!

Ken Shupinski Jr
Isaac Artis

Great place and really great people!!

Isaac Artis

From Ellis Automotive to
Pottstown Automotive Repair

“Chu and I have been friends for a long time…Chu is very honest, very reliable. He’s been here for a while and I trust him. I couldn’t ask for a better person to be stepping in.” Randy Ellis, Former Owner